Gimme Delicious (formerly Brunchtimebaker), is a food blog written by Layla Atik, a blogger, photographer, wife, and mom to two beautiful girls. Layla loves cooking, developing and photographing dishes. She began her career online in early 2008 as a marketer, brand advocate and social media influencer. She is now studying part time to complete her degree in Psychology/Childhood Education while blogging.

Gimme Delicious features all kinds of recipe but mostly focuses on quick and easy recipes for the everyday home cook. You will also find modern everyday recipes, along with authentic middle eastern recipes from Layla’s Middle Eastern roots.

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  • Leanne

    Hi! I’m so glad I found your blog as I’ve started eating clean foods. Your recipes look delicious! Do you have a newsletter I can subscribe to so I can receive new post notifications?

    Thank you!

  • Sharon

    Hi Layla – Could you please remove my last name from the banana bread post I made a few minutes ago. I did not realise when you asked for the name that the full name would be published. Thanks

  • Lisa

    Need reply TODAY please. Can I put a box of Vanilla Pudding Mix in the dough batter?
    PLEASE Respond today 5-16-17

  • Lata


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  • Jennifer Ta

    Hi Layla,

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  • Jennifer Ta


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  • Suzette Smith

    Getting ready to make your recipe for ‘Fluffy homemade cinnamon rolls’ but in directions in #2 it says in a lg bowl mix egg,milk,water,then it has milk AGAIN which may be misprint but need to know for sure, thanks

  • zerrin

    Hi Layla! You have such a wonderful blog! I’m just drooling over all the dishes here! Your photos are so stunning that I can spend the whole day watching them and reading your recipes! It’s great to learn that you have a Middle Eastern root. Are you from Turkey? I’ll sure come back not to miss any recipe you share.
    Cheers from Turkey!

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