Tender shrimp and fluffy rice cooked all in ONE PAN in under 15 minutes. This garlic and spice infused dish is packed full of flavor and will become a new favorite! 
Sometimes you just need a quick no fuss dinner fast. A dinner that will practically cook itself in under 15 minutes? I’m in! This one-pan shrimp and rice is just that. Quick, easy and packed full of flavor.

To make this dish you will need jumbo shrimp that has been deveined and clean, quick cooking rice (basmati or minute rice), onion, garlic, and spices. I like to drizzle some freshly grated parmesan on the dish at the very end but that’s totally optional. For the spices, I like to use the basics; paprika, cumin, salt and pepper. The garlic adds so much flavor and because the rice is cooked in the same broth as the onions and garlic, it will soak up all the flavor! Serve with a side salad and enjoy! 15 Minute One Pan Shrimp and Rice

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15 Minute Shrimp and Rice

Quick shrimp and rice cooked in one pan in under 15 minutes. 
Prep5 minutes
Cook15 minutes
Total20 minutes
Servings 4 people



  • Rinse the rice thoroughly with water to remove any excess starch. Soak the rice with plenty of water for 5-10 minutes.
  • Heat a large pot or skillet over medium-high heat. Add the oil and onion. Sautee onion for 2-3 minutes or until lightly golden. 
  • Add the garlic, shrimp, and spices. Sautee for 1 minute or until the shrimp begins to turn pink. Add the rice (fully drained) and water. When it starts boiling, cover and lower the heat to low.
  • Cook for 10-12 minutes or until rice is fully cooked and has absorbed all the water. After 10 minutes, take the lid off. If there is any excess water, allow it to boil off. Fluff with a fork. Top with a drizzle of parmesan if desired! 
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15 Minute One Pan Shrimp and Rice


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  1. Can I use cooked shrimp, if so, when do I add to mix

  2. Delicious and very efficient. I Cajun’d my shrimp up with basmati rice and chopped some fresh green onions on mine while my daughter drizzled ranch on hers with some chili flakes. Both were great!

    1. Can I use cooked shrimp and when would I put them into the rice

  3. I checked this recipe with myfitnesspal.com (in their import recipe function) and it comes to 159 calories per serving.

  4. Fantastic. I don’t like cumin, so I used paprika and cilantro, along with a fresh vidalia onion and red peppers. Beautiful.

  5. This was lovely and cooked beautifully. I expected to have to boil off lots of broth at the end, but it was perfect after 10 mins. I used frozen (thawed) seafood mix and it turned out well. I’ll definitely make again.

  6. I really enjoyed the recipe. I haven’t used cumin before to cook but that wasn’t a problem although I used less than recommended by the recipe. I also used chicken broth to boil the rice and added peas and carrots. Served it with soy sauce and hot sauce with garlic buttered chicken breast on the side.

  7. I doubled the recipe and used 2 cups of long grain white rice and only added 2 cups of water as comments on here mentioned there was too much liquid. The rice cooked well in 10 mins but the shrimp was WAY over cooked and chewy and dry. Also, the flavor was pretty bland. Perhaps cooking it with chicken broth instead of water would add more flavor.

  8. Terrible directions. Took 5 minutes to boil off water. Rubber shrimp. Nah.

  9. Loved this recipe. Any chance you could add the nutritional values for those of us on weight watchers. This is a great recipe for us.

  10. I liked this recipe. It was quick, simple and easily adaptable to your tastes. I look forward to adapting it in the future. I loved that it was shrimp.

  11. How many calories should you say this is?

  12. I made this tonight with pre cooked rice and less water. This is really delicious recipe!! I did add the grated parm and sprinkled with a little parsley. I also put just small amount of red pepper flakes in the rice and shrimp. Thank you for sharing this recipe. My husband went on and on about it.

  13. How much water should be added to the skillet?

    1. I use a little less than 1 3/4 cups I also would use fresh shrimp, I used thawed cooked, should have put them in at the end. I added yellow peppers and mushrooms. Very good recipe!

  14. Could i use jasmine rice and also could i make it in my instapot?

    1. Yes, but you would have to adjust the cooking time.

    2. I made this with Jasmine rice like 20 minutes ago, middle of the night, kinda durnk. But it’s really good. I followes the instructions and the rice seems to be just fine 🤷‍♂️

      1. LOL, yeah been there done that. Too funny!! I liked the recipe too.

  15. Could I use brown rice but maybe soak it for longer beforehand? Would that change the amount of water or cooking time?

    1. The brown rice needs much longer cooking time. I would remove the shrimp from the pan until the rice is done cooking then return them to the pan.

    1. I’ve made this recipe multiple times!! Cant get enough of it! My boyfriend Loves it!

  16. Made for dinner last nt. Just 1/2 recipe. Was good and will make again as was easy

  17. I made this last night on the spur of the moment. It was easy , quick and delicious.

  18. FRFR this is so good. like… it was my first time cooking shrimp and it still tasted good. simple enough for anyone to follow.

  19. why are there so many pics of the same thing. NOthing personal – every does it. One great picture is enough.

  20. THIS was amazing, especially with garlic naan bread on the side!


    1. I’ve added it to the post. I use 1 tablespoon avocado, coconut, veggie or oil of choice when cooking the onions.