2 Ingredient Chocolate Pancakes

Fluffy, chocolaty, simply mouth watering Chocolate Pancakes.

2 Ingredient Chocolate Pancakes

And guess what? they are super easy to make. With just 2 ingredients and some creativity, you can make a delicious breakfast for the entire family for under $1.

I had promised my daughter that I would make her chocolate pancakes this morning, but to my surprise, I woke up and realized I ran out of chocolate! Now, sure I could have just made something else for breakfast.. but if you have a 5 year old and you promised them something and didn’t deliver.. you are never going to hear the end of it!

So I decided to use the cake mix instead. I mean its the same stuff right? flour, eggs, coco powder, baking powder.

To my surprise the pancakes turned out amazing! Soft and fluffy. Extra moist and chocolaty! My daughter and husband loved them so much.

2 Ingredient Chocolate Pancakes

2 Ingredient Chocolate Pancakes

2 Ingredient Chocolate Pancakes

This is the perfect quick and easy Sunday morning breakfast. I will also be trying out other cake flavors as well. The possibilities are endless. Chocolate chip, lemon, carrot, vanilla you name it! Just add some frozen whipped cream and I’m in heaven!

2 Ingredient Chocolate Pancakes

The whole box of cake mix will make about 12-16* pancakes depending on size- This recipe is for 6 pancakes.


2 cups cake mix flour
1 cup milk (or water or heavy cream)


1: Heat the griddle to on medium heat
2: Mix the milk and cake mix flour until there are no more clumps and the batter is nice and creamy. Be careful not to over mix the batter.
3: pour about 1/4 cup mixture on a greased griddle and spread it out a little.
4: Cook on each side for 1 minutes.
5: Serve immediately.


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