20 Creative Slow Cooker Weeknight Dinner Recipes

For a busy mama like me, my slow-cooker is my secret weapon that helps me place a meal on the table every night. I sure do appreciate my it; it’s like a personal chef.  It’s definitely one of the most used kitchen items in my kitchen because I always have something simmering in there. The thing about slow cookers is that there are sooo many things you can make in them; the possibilities are endless. My daughter calls it the “magic cooker” and I think she’s completely right! You basically throw a whole bunch of ingredients in there and a few hours later you have a wonderful moist and tender meal.

I’ve gathered some of my favorite weeknights slow cooker recipes in this collection. These recipes are super easy to make that I’m sure you will find yourself making them over and over again. Just look at that chicken parmigiana sandwich, like seriously who knew that can come out of a slow cooker!

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  1. Where are the recipes? I see pictures but no slow-cooker recipes.

  2. I’ll admit, when reading the reviews, I was nervous that this dish would come out bland, especially when it came to a more muted salsa. Just to be sure, I bought a hot picante sauce, and WOW did that do the trick. Otherwise, I followed the recipe almost verbatim, aside from slightly different amounts of the beans, corn, and picante sauce (less beans, corn equal to the beans, and a bit more sauce). REALLY great dish. If you still have doubts, it will only take ten minutes anyway. Make it.

  3. All of these recipes are total winners! And I also use my slow cooker the most out of all of my kitchen gadgets!

    1. hi there.. can you tell me where you found the recipes. When I click on the pic it takes me to what I thought was the page for all the recipes but I don’t see any. help! 🙂

  4. Oh I MUST buy a slow cooker, then! Now I know I really need it… 🙂

    1. yes I’m sure you will really enjoy your slow cooker!

  5. Helena @ Best Juice Extractor Reviews says:

    This looks so yummy! You right these recipes are super easy to make 🙂

  6. I love my slow cooker like a child, so I’m totally into this post. I think you selected a few of my upcoming dinners now! 😉

  7. Slow cooker tacos are the best! 😀

  8. I want every single recipe especially those tacos!!