Quick, simple and delicious. This honey garlic shrimp and broccoli is made using only 6 ingredients and is ready in under 10 minutes. Easy Honey Garlic Shrimp and BroccoliThis is honey garlic shrimp is one of my favorite Asian dishes to make because it’s super easy to put together in and is ready in no time. Serve it on sticky white rice or with a side of noodles. If you’re on a low-carb diet, try serving it with a side of veggies, spiralized zucchini noodles, or cauliflower riceEasy Honey Garlic Shrimp and BroccoliThe shrimp is cooked in a sticky honey garlic sauce that is out of this world.

This yummy sauce is made with garlic, ginger, honey and soy sauce. It’s simple and pretty easy to balance the sweetness and saltness. It can also be used on chicken, beef, or fish. Easy Honey Garlic Shrimp and BroccoliThe shrimp can be marinated in the marinade for up to 24 hours in advance or as soon as a few minutes.Easy Honey Garlic Shrimp and Broccoli Since shrimp cooks very quickly, be sure to heat up the pan until it’s very hot so the shrimp can sear nicely on the outside.Easy Honey Garlic Shrimp and Broccoli

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Quick Honey Garlic Shrimp and Broccoli

By: Layla
Prep5 minutes
Cook5 minutes
Total10 minutes
Servings 4


For the Sauce


  • Place broccoli florets in a small bowl, fill with a few teaspoons of water and steam in microwave for 2 minutes.
  • Combine the sauce ingredients and divide it into half. Marinate the shrimp with one half of the sauce for 5-10 minutes (or up to 24 hours).
  • Heat a heavy-duty skillet to high heat. Add 1 tablespoon oil to pan then add the marinated shrimp. Sear them on both sides in batches of 2 until browned, about 1 minute per side. Add the broccoli to the pan, drizzle with remaining sauce, and mix well to combine.


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Nutrition-Facts Easy Honey Garlic Shrimp and BroccoliEasy Honey Garlic Shrimp and BroccoliEasy Honey Garlic Shrimp and Broccoli

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  1. Easy, delicious and no fancy ingredients! Thank you!

  2. This was not the best version of this recipe. Overall too sweet, needs a little heat.

  3. Loved this recipe! I was looking for some quick and easy recipes that I could put together for my meal prep. While also keeping in mind that I have a bf who will also be enjoying the meal prep with me! Finding something that Is flavorful, simple, time saving, AND within my macros can be difficult at times. But for the both of us this was perfect! Thank you for the recipe. Everyone should try!

  4. In the Nutrition Facts, for the vitamins and minerals, what calculations were used to find the %. I usually only see this in milligrams or IU instead of %.

  5. Loved this recipe! I made 1.5 times the sauce because I added a lot more broccoli and added some rice. I also used frozen cooked shrimp and thawed it before I cooked it briefly in the skillet. My boyfriend and I loved it! I plan to make it with thinly sliced beef next time.

    1. Yes, they can. Thaw them in cold water for 5-10 minutes then continue with the recipe.

    2. I did! I just thawed them first and didn’t leave them in the skillet too long to cook. It was so good!

  6. I haven’t made this yet but it looks amazing! I’m using frozen cooked shrimp; do I just thaw it and go by the recipe? Also, I have ginger powder, can I use that instead?

    1. Exactly! You can use powdered ginger but only use 1/4th the amount.

  7. Made this tonight for my family and it was soooooo good! Can’t wait to make it again!

  8. please send only shrimp and salmon recipes.
    thank you,

  9. I made it just last night for dinner. It was real easy to make and with not much prep work. As a rule the first time I make a new recipe I do as the recipe reads. Now for the next time I make it. Here is what I am going to do.Make more sauce to put in it and add more broccoli and maybe some other veggies like onions, carrot just something to make more color in it.
    Like i said it was very good and I think it just needs a bit more to put it over the top?

    1. What do they mEan by sauce? Id like to make this tonoght but not sure what that is? Fish sauce maybe?

      1. “Sauce” was the ingredient header for the sauce ingredients. I’ve updated it to “For the sauce” to make it easier to understand.

  10. I made it, so good! I added a tbls chili paste for a kick, plus a Tsp sesame oil into the marinade. I also added a little corn starch to the reserved sauce. Also, I split each shrimp in half lengthwise for double the surface AREA.i will definitely make it again. Thanks!

  11. This was Delicious, quick, and easy. I always modify recipes, and pretty much never measure, lol! It was a great base and we really enjoyed it! Thank you layla!

    1. Thanks for the 5 stars, Natasha! I’m glad you enjoyed the recipe <3