The Best Grilled Chicken For Tacos, Burritos, or Salads

Charred and Tender grilled chicken spiced with a special blend of homemade taco seasoning can be grilled or cooked on the stove-top. It’s delicious in tacos, burritos, on salads, or for meal-prep! 
The Best Grilled Chicken ( for Tacos, Burritos, or Salads)Perfectly charred and crispy on the outside and soft and tender on the inside, this really is the BEST Mexican spiced grilled chicken. It’s seasoned with my favorite blend of homemade taco seasoning. With the addition of garlic, lime, and olive oil, you’ve got yourself delicious chicken that’s great for tacos, burrito bowls, salads, wraps and just about anything else.

A batch of perfectly grilled chicken can go a long way. I like to season a few pounds of boneless and skinless chicken thighs or breasts and keep them in zip seal bags in the fridge and freezer. When needed, just pop a bag out of the fridge or freezer and grill on an outdoor grill or right in a pan on the stove top. Use it to make tacos, wraps, on a salad or rice.

Just like Chipotle, I like to use boneless skinless chicken thighs rather than breasts because they are always tender and won’t dry out. Chicken breasts will also work for this recipe but be sure not to over-cook them. The Best Grilled Chicken ( for Tacos, Burritos, or Salads)

The Best Grilled Chicken For Tacos, Burritos, or Salads

Charred and Tender grilled or chicken spiced with a special blend of homemade taco seasoning can be grilled or cooked in a skillet on the stove-top. It's delicious in tacos, burritos, on salads, or for meal-prep! 
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Course: Dinner
Cuisine: Mexican
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Servings: 4 people


  • 1 pound Boneless, Skinless chicken thighs or breasts we prefer thighs
  • 2 cloves garlic minced
  • 1 tablespoon lime juice optional
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 tablespoons chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon cumin
  • 1 teaspoon paprika
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon oregano
  • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon corn starch optional


  • Add the chicken, garlic, olive oil, lime, spices, and cornstarch to a large bowl or zip-seal bag.
  • Place in fridge and let marinate for at least 15-30 minutes or up to 24 hours. 
  • Remove chicken from marinade and discard marinade. Place chicken on a grill or pan heated to medium-high heat. Let chicken cook until it is no longer pink on the inside, about 6-7 minutes per side  (or until it has reached an internal temperature of 165 degrees F). 
  • Serve chicken in tacos, burritos, on salads or rice.

The Best Grilled Chicken ( for Tacos, Burritos, or Salads) The Best Grilled Chicken ( for Tacos, Burritos, or Salads)


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    I love using this recipe when searing the chicken in cast iron. The corn starch is key in my opinion. also, I just sort of rub it on the chicken and don’t even bother to let it marinate. The best chicken tacos. ever.


    Never left a review before, but this was immediately my favorite chicken recipe. Even my 5 year old loved it!


    We loved this recipe. Can’t wait to try it on the grill


    Do you cut the chicken before or after you cook it?

      Shane durling

      I cut it after i cooked the breasts on THE bbq.


    I have one QUESTION do i have to pur oil on the pan when cooking it or nOt


      If the pan is nonstick add a light drizzle of oil before adding the chicken.


    THis is the best chicken recipe Ive Found yet. Every time i make it, it always Draws huge compliments from everyone.

    Kelly B

    If I want to make a big batch the day before a birthday party, do you think it would reheat well in a crockpot on the day of? Or do I have to put it back in a pan on the stove? I’m going for easiest but also want it to still be tender and not dry! 🙂


    Amazing thank you!


    At what Point do i cut the chicken up? before marinade, after, after cooking? thanks!


      You can actually cut it before marinating or after cooking but we like to cook it after it has cooked and rested.


        cut it after it has cooked and rested*


    Approximately how many calories are there in one serving?


      Forget thr calories, its yummy


    This looks incredible – hosting a taco/burrito night at home and wondering if i should chop the chicken and leave warm in the oven or right before serving to ensure it stays moist. thanks in advance 🙂


    I was looking for something easy to make with dinner last week for my family. My kids are 8 and 6. although they aren’t super picky, their palette is somewhat limited. They loved it. My 8 year old had three helpings! I’m making it again tonight.

    Joe Fatz

    Ive tried so many differeNt recipes and this is without any doubt the eaSiest and most importantly the very best tasting. I douBled everything and Used cayan in place of cumiN (i get a wierd reaction to cumin). I used everything, may try a bit more lime next time but thats just going to be a trial. I marinAted for about 4 hours iN a vaccume sealed bag.


    I marinated boneless, skinless chicken breasts for two hours before grilling. They came out very juicy and flavorful, yet not too spicy for little kids! It was a real crowd-pleaser. One recipe was enough to cover two and a half pounds of meat.

    Another reviewer seemed worried about the thickness of the marinade…it WAS pretty thick (I added both the lime juice and the olive oil), but it was the perfect consistency to actually stick to the meat and make a nice crust.

    Rebecca Brandsen

    This is delicious! My go-to from now on. My husband grilled them on his green egg bbq and they were wonderful. super moist and the perfect balance of flavors. Thanks for the great recipe!


    What is the cornstarch for? i don’t see it mentioned in the recipe directions. Thank you. I would like to make this for a football team dinner.


      It fell under spices but I’ve corrected the recipe to mention it!


    This is tHe best chicken seaSoning recipe i have ever tried. WhIle it is thicker Then a traditional marinade it flaVoRs the chicken perfectly. I have made it a few times and it has Become our go to recipe. I make a big batch of a few lbs and kEep it fOr Lunch salads and a quick Protein boost on training days. Love it!!


    How is this a marinade? There is not enough liquid. It just forms a paste.

      Panoxas meDiNa

      Have yoU tried it? Is this a conclusion you have come to based on your personal experience? I have friends that are just so uninspired and lazy that all they do is sit and blab about things they think they know about online and not actually making aNything wIth the information to challenge themselves or doing anything productive. I personally think recipes like this are the bomb dot com. The chicken’s juices meld with the spices and creates the most amazing flavor And this is based off different recipes iVe tried in the past when interested in making chicken tacos. In fact, That thought came to mind as well before actually trying iT, but i followed the recipe and wont do it any other way. Perhaps we should be *doing* more with our time than make baseless judgements. Just a thought. Xoxo


        Thanks for your comment, I’m so happy YOU enjoyed the recipe <3

        i love caps

        how is this a marinade, it seems quite pasty


      I agree Heather, how can a tbsp of liquid (olive oil) be enough for a marinade. definitely a paste. thank you for posting

      an adult

      I’ll answer you rather than attack you or reward that attack as the blogger has chosen to do. This would actually be considered a”wet rub,” not a marinade, per se, although you do marinate the chicken in it. For those asking “why cornstarch?” it helps the spices stick to the meat and seal in juices.