Quick and Easy Chicken Gyros with Tzatziki Sauce

One of the many things I miss about NYC is the delicious Lebanese restaurants and the chicken gyros to be exact.. I just love chicken gyros.  Like seriously what’s better than marinated chicken coated with creamy tzatziki Sauce and rolled in a pita!

This dish is light, healthy, and super easy to make. Plus, you can make it with the tzatziki sauce or if your like my husband, have it with ketchup instead.

Quick and Easy Chicken Gyros with Tzatziki Sauce

The chicken can be marinated overnight or instantly. The marinated chicken can stay fresh in the fridge for up to 3 days and is ready to use when needed! it’s great for a quick and easy lunch or dinner.

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Chicken Gyros

By: Layla
Cook8 minutes
Total8 minutes
Servings 2


Tzatziki Sauce


  • preheat the pan or griddle to medium heat. Cut the chicken into thin slices, place in a medium bowl and add the olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, and spices. mix with hand or fork until all the chicken pieces are fully coated.
  • Place the chicken on the griddle and allow to cook for 5-7 minutes while stirring every few minutes. Remove from griddle and place in a warm flat-breads top with green peppers, onions, and pickles. pour tzatziki sauce on top and enjoy!

  • Tzatziki Sauce
  • Place all the ingredients in a bowl and stir with a whisk for 30-45 seconds. For a more creamier texture place in a food processor for 30 seconds. Refrigerate and serve cold.
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  1. Could i cook the onion and peppers with the chicken?

  2. I make these all the time. Easy and delicious, and pretty healthy. Thanks Layla!

  3. Any way to get a video with this? It sounds delicious, but if you are new to cooking making the sauce seems confusing (put all the ingredients in a bowl). I’m assuming the remaining ingredients that weren’t used. Sorry. For me, I need steps like “cooking for dummies.” Lol. Maybe I can just buy the sauce.

    1. We are working on adding videos to most of the recipes and will try to add one for this recipe too! the ingredients for the tzatziki (listed in their own section) are the ingredients that are all added to the bowl and simply whisked to make the sauce!

  4. For the Tzatziki sauce, is it 1 teaspoon or 1 tablespoon? You have the abbreviation for teaspoon but used a capital “T” (which typically means tablespoon).

  5. This is a great recipe! I used it as a jumping off point for an oven baked meal. I doubled the marinade, cut up one whole green pepper and one red and half an onion. I let it marinade with the chicken then baked, served over rice. Next time, I will bake with the rice. It was fantastic! Even my picky 4 year old loved the chicken. (4 stars because there is a glitch that won’t let me do 5)

  6. Just made this for dinner. Super tasty. Served it with diced tomatoes, cucumbers and red onions. Adding this to our dinner rotation. It might be good marinated a little while and then grilled. We’re going to try that next time.

  7. I’ve made these several times and they are really good and easy. I suggest letting the chicken sit in the marinade for a while, and the tzaziki also improves with a gentle rest. Cut the chicken into small pieces so the flavor can really penetrate!

  8. Should I slice the chicken before marinating or after?

  9. We just tried these and they were a huge hit! My 19 month old loved the tzaziki sauce, and both gobbled up the chicken. This will definitely move into the monthly rotation. Thanks!

  10. I could eat tzatziki sauce on everything! I am going to try a gluten free version of this gyro, it looks so good!

  11. I LOVE GYROS!!!! We get them almost once a week. So I need to know, where was your absolute favorite place to grab a gyro in NYC? I need to try it out!

    And this recipe looks legit awesome!

  12. I live in Greece (until tomorrow that is!!) and gyros have pretty much been our staple food for the last few weeks while we’ve been busy with moving prep. Yours look amazing with the paprika & other herbs and spices! 🙂

  13. haha my husband would also probably eat this with ketchup! Love this – such a great weeknight meal idea or even to switch up lunches!

  14. Layla I don’t wanna brag but I get gyros in NYC alllll the time!!! You are right, they are so incredible here!!! but I’ve gotta hand it to ya, you’ve made a pretty gorgeous light & lean replica right here!

  15. We have a local place that makes the best chicken gyros. Yours look pretty amazing too! These would make the perfect lunch.

  16. Looks really good. Really love this recipe!

  17. A greek restaurant recently opened in town, and it was my first time trying a gyro. So good! Can’t wait to make them at home : )

    1. I’m sure you will love it Natalie! 🙂