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Check out 12 fun and easy picnic recipes

by Layla Atik at

Summer is almost over, I can’t believe how quickly the weeks flew by! Right now I’m enjoying the last few days if my summer vacation with my parents in Connecticut. I know when winter comes there are a whole bunch of things I’m going to regret not doing while it was still hot and picnics are number 1 in my list. There’s really nothing better than a nice picnic on a beautiful cloudy day. Anyone else prefer cloudy?…

I’ve gathered a collection of 12 fun and easy picnic recipes ideas. These dishes fit perfectly into a picnic basket and are pretty easy to make. To view them just browse the collection above and click on the recipe for details.

picnic basket and I and a few fellow bloggers have teamed up to make your picnic even better! Foodie is giving away a $350 Williams Sonoma Picnic basket. This picnic basket is beyond beautiful! It as everything you need for a perfect picnic and more!

To enter just make a foodie collection(like the one above) of at least 4 picnic recipes. Please feel free to enter here:

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  1. Thank you for this. Surely on my picnic to-do-list!